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Degree Thesis

The restlessness of the scenic space

My degree thesis dedicated to the sets of Stanley Kubrick's movie The Shining

My degree thesis is a tribute to Roy Walker, the scenographer of the film. I obtained the executives of the scenography directly from the film, then redesigned through 3D modeling while maintaining the architectural structure but varying its decoration and, in some cases, relying it totally. Many of the internal objects are of my creation. Finally I shot a “short film”, that is, a synthesis of the film, inside the 3D model.

the short film

The following movie is a short film/synthesis of Stanley Kubrick’s film Shining, shot inside my 3D project, whose details you can see on this page. It is the final conclusion of my tribute to the scenographer of the film, Roy Walker. I tried to recreate the same shots of the film, mountaining some clips of the film and the original audio.

Activate the audio

Sketches and analysis of the movie

After a careful study of the film, I obtained the tortuous paths of the original scenography. Given that in the movie The Shining the filming was made using two hotels: for the frontal outside the Timberline Lodge hotel in Oregon, while for the interiors they were reconstructed in the studio inspired by those of the Ahwahnee hotel in California. Assuming that I have to reconstruct the front in the studio, I designed a synthesis between the two hotels.

Aesthetic choices

I kept the original structure of the set design of the movie, sometimes keeping its style, others vary or, in some cases, changing it radically.

Objects designed by me

In the scenography I have inserted some replicas of historical objects of the Arts and Crafts style, but many are of my creation both as regards this style and the art deco. Some examples:

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