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A collector's eclectic apartment

Furnishing by combining different styles and objects


PROJECT: Salvatore Scarfone



Apartment with a fully-mirrored and octagonalshaped entrance hall, from which branch out the rooms of the apartment. I added ancient furnishings, famous design pieces, and others designed by myself, mixing very different eras, from the early XIX empire candelabras to a 1950’s bookcase.

First version

Second version

Entrance room

The entrance hall has octagonal shape with mirror walls to reflect other rooms and create illusionistic effects:

  • My design of an Art Deco table inspired to the works by Ruhlmann;
  • a Deco style silver vase designed by myself;
  • ancient chinese prints

If in the first version the walls were covered with mirrors, in the second one I transformed it into a “Chinese gazebo” also to enhance the collection of ancient Chinese prints.

Living room

Third project (final)

  • The sofas are contemporary;
  • the library has been simplified to allow switching between rooms;
  • the left wall has been modified;
  • the lighting has been changed;
  • the fireplace has been replaced

Second project

In the second version various changes were made:

  • The wall behind the library is now unified with the dining room;
  • The marble floor has been replaced with the fish-bone parquet;
  • The wall of the chimney has a “folding fan” decoration that reminds to Deco;

First project

Sofas of my creation in wood and red velvet, in Deco style and inspired by Ruhlmann’s furniture;
  • 835 Infinito Wall bookcase, by Franco Albini – 1958 – Cassina;
  • Miconos chandeliers and wall lamps by Artemide;
  • curved glass coffee table;

Dining room

  • The wall is decorated with the cobblestones instead of the usual stone coverings;
  • 815 Olimpino table, work by Ico Parisi – 1955 – Cassina;
  • 614 Coonley 2 chairs, work by Frank Lloys Wright – 1907 – Cassina;
  • Brass chandelier with rubber and led lights designed by myself;
  • pedestals inspired by Wright’s chairs and designed by myself;
  • bookcase designed by myself with bleached wooden , black profiles, brass elements, and smoked glass shelves;
    Candelabras in golden and patinated bronze, in early XIX Empire style.

Terzo progetto (finale)

Secondo progetto

Primo progetto

Furniture projects

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