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A new BUT VINTAGE living room

Project of modification and rearrangement of entrance and living room



The project concerns the decoration and modification of entrance and living room areas of a normal apartment. To reduce the expense, the doors and the floor will not be replaced, and part of the furniture present will be reused.

Project rendering

The wall was removed that divided the living room from the entrance and, not wanting to replace the doors, floor and furniture of the living room, the decoration was designed trying to integrate the different styles. The living room, while maintaining the space to receive guests, was transformed into a cinema room and, moreover, the dining table has been removed while leaving the space empty to be able to insert a folding to be used if necessary. The stone has also been inserted in the areas of the doors not only for an aesthetic factor, but to make the color of the doors less impactful. To harmonize the environment with the large living room furniture, brass elements have been inserted that recall the propherctions, and dark wood shelves that recalls its color.

Current conditions

In the photos below you can see the current state of entrance and living room with the right the wall that will be removed on the right.

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