Contemporary baroque

A contemporary mansion with a redesigned baroque appearance


I wanted to design a great contemporary mansion with a style that has its roots in the Baroque era, but maintaining the functionality of a building born to be lived daily.

Aerial view

I wanted to design a contemporary home by combining the Baroque design styles with the apparent naturalness of the English park, maintaining a contemporary functionality.


The large home has the imposing appearance and simmetry of the Baroque style, with a projecting central element and vertical lateral openings that recall the classical froman flat columns.

The entrance is preceded by a double curved and inclined ramp, typically Baroque, and surrounded by flowers. Decorative flowers and plants were freely chosen, in fact, for example, bougainvillea was absolutely not known in the Baroque era.

Dining room

Dining room overlooking the park. The floor is surrounded by a large aquarium, and the room has a spectacular view of the home the home. 

  • Coonley 2 chairs by Frank Lloyd Wright (Cassina)
  • Rotor dining table by Piero Lissoni (Cassina)
  • Chandeliers designed by myself
Salvatore Scarfone
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